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Updated: Jan 25

Hello and welcome to our MoneyMatiX Community! From MoneyMatiX, we are thrilled to welcome you to this platform where we strive to create a safe and inclusive space for all members.

Our community is made up of people from different backgrounds, cultures and generations who are passionate about and want to support each other for financial inclusion. We believe that everyone should have access to financial resources and opportunities, regardless of their socioeconomic status or background. We are committed to creating an environment where we can learn from each other, share our experiences and work together to achieve our common goals.

As a member of our community, we expect you to follow a few basic rules that will help us maintain a respectful and supportive environment:

Respect each other’s differences

We come from different backgrounds and cultures, and we all have unique perspectives and experiences. It is important to respect each other’s differences and avoid making assumptions or judgements based on stereotypes or prejudices.

Be kind and supportive

Our community is a place where we can support each other and lift each other up. Let’s use respectful and inclusive language and aim to encourage one another by refraining from using hurtful or derogatory language, and avoiding making personal attacks or insulting comments.

Keep it relevant

Our community is focused on financial inclusion, so please keep your posts and comments relevant to this topic. Avoid spamming or promoting irrelevant content.

Protect each other’s privacy

We value our member’s privacy so please avoid sharing personal information without consent. If you do share personal information, please do so with caution and respect for others’ privacy.

You can find our MoneyMatiX Community guidelines here. By following these basic guidelines, we can create a supportive and inclusive community where everyone can feel comfortable sharing their experiences and ideas. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of moderators and community managers.

Our community aims to provide impartial financial guidance, which helps members identify options and narrow down choices. We don't offer specific advice or recommend products based on personal circumstances and financial goals. The ultimate decision-making responsibility lies with the members. Engaging in thoughtful discussions with other members can provide various options and perspectives to inform decisions that best suit individual needs and goals.

Once again, welcome to our online community. We are excited to have you here, and we look forward to learning from each other and working together to create a more financially inclusive society.

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Unknown member
May 05, 2023

Awesome work - great introduction.

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