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Help guide for GROUPS

Updated: Jan 29

What is this section for

In this section you will be able to informally chat to other people. The groups are designed for members to have more relaxed conversations and connect with other members that have similar interests and similar social and/or cultural background. Groups can be used to share information, discuss topics, organise events and activities, and to establish significant connections within the community. Members can also use groups to look for information and mutual support, to collaborate in projects or common causes, and to build professional and social networks.

Within the Groups’ discussions, members have the option to share various forms of media including images, videos and links. It is important to note that any such sharing is undertaken at the individual’s own discretion and carries inherent risks.

How to join a group

​By clicking on the ‘Groups’ tab in the top bar Menu, you will be directed to the Groups page.

Once on the page, you will find an easy-to-follow layout where it shows all of the existing groups (All), the groups you are part of (My Groups) and the Suggested Groups.

​​​When you click ‘Join’ for groups that are public to anyone, you may find a message like this:

​If you press ‘Confirm’, you will automatically be part of that group, congratulations!

​You can then click ‘Back to Site’ and you will be able to access the content and chat in that group:

​For some groups, you will have to request to join...

​And wait for admin approval.

Alternatively, you may be invited to join an existing group. In this case, you will receive the email to the address that you used to sign up for MoneyMatiX Community.

How to use the 'Groups' section

As in the rest of the Community platform, the Community Guidelines apply here as well. For a summary, here are some general rules we follow in the Groups section:

  • Respect other members of the group and treat with courtesy and consideration.

  • Avoid using offensive or discriminating language.

  • Don’t post inappropriate content like explicit images or videos, violent content or spam.

  • Keep to chat relevant to the group and avoid deviating towards irrelevant or unrelated topics.

  • Don’t promote products, services or commercial activity without the express authorization of the group admins.

  • Respect the privacy of other members and don’t share private information without their consent.

  • Participate in a constructive and respectful manner in the discussions, and avoid aggressive or confrontational comments.

  • Inform the group admins about any suspicious behaviour and/or activity that you may see in the group.

Within the groups, you will be able to see 4 main sections:

Discussion: in this area, you will see all the conversations of the particular group. It is also the area where you will be able to make posts relevant to the particular group.

​​Members: you will be able to see the members that are part of the particular group.

​​About: here you will see the information about the particular group like the group description, the number of members, and new conversations that have been posted since your last visit, etc.

​​Events: group.

'Can I join more than one group?'

Absolutely! You may find more than one group that suits your interests and/or feels resonates with your background and want to join those different groups. This is absolutely fine. You can request to join any group that will be relevant to your interests and needs.

Who can create a new group?

Groups in our online community are to share experiences, interests and any other cultural or relatable background; if you don't find a group that responds to your connecting needs, you can certainly create a new one! Once an admin approves it, is going to be open for other members to join. When opening a new group, please consider the following:

  1. Name and a brief description of the group: 'What is the distinction of this group? why do we need it? who is it for?'

  2. Think whether anyone can join the group (similar to our 'Community' and 'Signposting' groups), or new members will have to request joining.

  3. The same rules as those mentioned above apply to any new group.

  4. Invite other members that you think the new group can be interesting for.

  5. Make an initial post describing what the group is about and encourage other members to participate in the discussions. This will most probably contribute to new connections.

Remember that the creation of a new group in an online community is a way to connect with other members who may share your same interests, worries, lived experiences, and background, and to encourage collaboration and creativity in the community.

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Membre inconnu
12 mai 2023

Really useful guide - tells me everything I need to know about the groups section.

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