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Community Site Map

Updated: Jan 25

Use this guide to help you understand the purpose of each section within our community site. Feel free to make recommendations for changes to sections, including new sections within our suggestions forum.




Our introductory page which will be automatically updated with the most recent posts, the most active groups and the most important blog posts.


Forums host themed discussions on specific topics - you can read and contribute to ongoing discussions or create a new discussion topic.

Forum content is carefully reviewed and regularly moderated to ensure advice is both appropriate and on-topic.

This is also where you can make suggestions to improve the community interface and content.

You can choose to follow specific forum topics to ensure you get an update whenever new information appears.


Groups host informal discussions on general information and you can choose which groups you may want to be a member of.

There is less formal moderation within our groups - but occasionally a moderator may suggest that a group discussion be moved to a forum post if it can contribute to a specific theme.


Here you can edit your member profile information and see the public profile information of other members.

You can choose to follow a particular member and even send them a private message from their contact information (although think carefully if you need to send them a private message as the more open conversations we have the better the community will be).


Our library contains learning resources for specific themes and will be updated regularly.

We currently aim to deliver a new learning package every two months with ad-hoc content being delivered to meet the community's needs.

We will notify all members when new library content is available.


Our blog contains our community guidelines and usage information and will be updated as required.

Its primary use will be to provide induction information (such as this site map) and general community information that doesn't belong to a particular learning theme.

News and Updates

Regular events, new learning materials and new pertinent to the wider community will be published using this section.


Some inspirational quotes we hope will help you.


A collation of the most common questions for the community.


Some additional background information on our community.

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